April 23, 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Julia Lopez
WSCUC Commissioner, President and CEO
College Futures Foundation
Ivory Tower

Ivory TowerDirected by Andrew Rossi and featuring Andrew Delbanco (Director of American Studies at Columbia University), Ivory Tower explores two key questions: Is college worth the cost? And what price will society pay if higher education cannot revolutionize college as we know it and evolve a sustainable economic model?  Profiling Arizona State, Cooper Union, and San Jose State —among several others—Ivory Tower discusses how colleges in the United States have come to embrace a business model that often promotes expansion over quality learning. But along the way, the film also identifies unique programs, from Stanford, to Deep Springs, to Spelman, where the potential for life-changing college experiences endure.

Movie-goers will be joined by Andrew Rossi after the film for a discussion about the implications of the film’s key ideas on higher education.

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