April 24, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Track 1: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Maureen Scharberg
Associate Vice President, Student Academic Success Services
San Jose State University
Necessary Connections: Student Success and the GE Curriculum

First Year student schedules are dominated by General Education; therefore, first and second year retention and persistence efforts must be grounded in strong GE programs. Sacramento State’s General Education has been re-envisioned to foster necessary connections: with students, faculty, within the curriculum and community, and through piloting an e-Portfolio.

Sheree Meyer
Dean, Undergraduate Studies
California State University, Sacramento
Dana Kivel
Professor, Director of Community Engagement Center
California State University, Sacramento
Janet Hecsh
Professor and Administrator-in-Charge, Library
California State University, Sacramento
Hamid Reza Peigahi
Librarian, Chair of the Faculty Senate
California State University, Sacramento
Transforming Learning through Integrated Classrooms: From First-Year Living Learning Communities to Capstones

Faculty and research teams in first-year LLCs and capstones developed integrated models. Team consultants and faculty created course content, activities, assignments, and assessments for their impact on communication, critical thinking, and information literacy in the research process, integrated learning, and teamwork. Material and preliminary results are shared.

Carole Huston
Associate Provost
University of San Diego
Drew Talley
Professor, Environmental and Ocean Science
University of San Diego
Julia Cantzler
Professor, Sociology
University of San Diego
Annette Taylor
Professor, Psychology
University of San Diego
Sonia Zarate
Director, Undergraduate Research
University of San Diego
Sandra Sgoutas-Emch
Director, Center for Educational Excellence
University of San Diego