April 24, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Track 1: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Michael Haynes
Executive Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Tarleton State University
21st Century Readiness Through Program Assessment and Improvement

Universities are challenged to create relevant programs that enhance student learning and success in the changing environment. Assessment of outcomes at all levels must address these issues. This presentation will discuss how program assessment leads to meaningful changes in the way content is offered and how learning outcomes are measured.

Kathleen Ringenbach
Associate Professor of Psychology
Brandman University
Michael McGuire
Associate Professor of Psychology, Associate Dean of Arts and Science
Brandman University
Multi-Year Plans: Evidence-Based Assessment Planning for Student Learning

How do you develop a comprehensive, evolving assessment plan that links your curriculum map to program learning outcome measures to assess student learning? Utilizing an annually updated multi-year plan, faculty develop a road map that outlines program assessment measures over a five-year period for the Program Annual Review.

Kim Levey
Executive Director, Educational Effectiveness and Accreditation
National University
Heidi Trent Burnett
Senior Assessment Analyst
National University