April 23, 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Track 2: Demographics and Diversity
Track 3: Student Engagement and Persistence
Track 5: Accreditation and Student Success
Carole Huston
Associate Provost
University of San Diego
Strategic Partnerships and Pedagogies to Prepare Students for College and Work

Assessing student competence and preparation for post-secondary education and employment is critical in determining the success of education systems. As state and federal funding for education decline, increasing pressure to prepare students for opportunities are shifting to industry and non-profit partners. Students are also under pressure to prove their competencies in a highly competitive global workforce. Educational institutions are organizing broad and innovative partnerships, buttressed by the educational technology sector, to better meet the needs of preparing the next generation’s workforce. This panel is comprised of experts who will discuss engaged partnerships and recommend strategies that attendees can consider to implement viable pathways to demonstrated student success.

Safiya Noble
Assistant Professor
Don Daves-Rougeaux
Senior Consultant, College and Career Readiness, National Initiatives
ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career
Heather Hiles
Debbie Veney
Vice President, Government Affairs and Communications
The Education Trust
Diversity, Assessment, and Student Success: A Case Study

This presentation examines the results of implementing actions intended to improve the student success of participants in UCSB’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), and the role of assessment in both identifying the proposed actions and evaluating their effectiveness. These actions included creating online orientation sessions and incorporating academic advisors into EOP.

Carl Gutierrez-Jones
Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education
University of California, Santa Barbara
Steven Velasco
Director of Institutional Research
University of California, Santa Barbara