April 23, 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm
Track 1: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Track 5: Accreditation and Student Success
Su Swarat
Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness
California State University Fullerton
Communicating the Value of Your Degree through Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

How can you use ILOs to communicate the value of your institution's degree to students, legislators, and the public? We will discuss strategies that translate ILOs in meaningful ways that help students build resumes, differentiate our institution, and demonstrate the value of your degree to legislators, donors, and the community.

Wendy Pearson
Academic Program Officer/ALO
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Amy Schiffner
Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Beginning at the End: Aligning the Roles of Institutional Learning Outcomes and Capstone Learning Outcomes

This interactive symposium focuses on two campuses’ very different approaches to defining Institutional Learning Outcomes and determining the role of capstone in assessing those outcomes. Attendees will learn the tools, processes, and alignment strategies used by the two campuses, as well as strategies for engaging faculty in the process.

Patsy Tinsley McGill
Professor, Strategic Management and Faculty Lead, Assessment
CSU Monterey Bay
Salma Daiban
Deputy Director for Academic Quality Assurance, Program and Curriculum Office
United Arab Emirates University