April 24, 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Track 1: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Track 3: Student Engagement and Persistence
Track 5: Accreditation and Student Success
Len Hightower
Assistant Professor of Education
Brandman University
A Course-Embedded Community-Engaged Learning Initiative in Finance

To enhance learning outcomes in introductory finance, we integrate experiential learning into traditional methods of teaching, where students conduct financial literacy workshops to community members. Assessing the project's impact using quantitative and qualitative methods, we observed positive effects on motivation and attitudes toward financial decisions, especially among less motivated students.

Xiaoyan Xu
Faculty; Project Director for "Money Matters"
San Jose State University
Going Experiential! Defining, Collecting, and Analyzing Experiential Learning Data

There are inconsistencies in the way universities define experiential learning. In an effort to propose solutions, Cal Lutheran defined experiential learning and established an inventory to track experiential learning elements. Presenters will discuss this process and how data will be used to propose future directions along with potential research opportunities.

Rodney Reynolds
Director Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research
California Lutheran University
Cathy Alexander
Institutional Research Officer
California Lutheran University
Melinda Wright
Data Anlyst
California Lutheran University
Andrea Cruz
Research Specialist
California Lutheran University
David Tushin
Institutional Research Intern I
California Lutheran University
Matthew Guerrero
Institutional Research Intern I
California Lutheran University