April 23, 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm
Track 1: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Track 3: Student Engagement and Persistence
Monique Snowden
Vice President for Academic & Enrollment Services
Fielding Graduate University
Developing a Framework for Assessment of an Ed.D. Program in Organizational Leadership

The challenge is how to assess the impact and accomplishment of program learning outcomes for a doctoral program which integrates experiential learning and the acquisition of theoretical content, via a hybrid model of delivery. The strengths and limitations of current assessment efforts will be explored, leading to a proposed new more comprehensive framework for assessment.

Len Hightower
Assistant Professor of Education
Brandman University
Tami Capellino
Assistant Professor of Education
Brandman University
Dissertation Quality Assessment: Execution and Utilization of Findings

Dissertation quality is inconsistent at best. To increase the likelihood that students become effective creators of knowledge, universities must examine dissertation quality to facilitate student success. This presentation will discuss methodologies for assessing dissertation quality, the results of a recent examination of dissertation quality, and the application of findings.

Wade W. Fish
Director, Graduate School
Northcentral University
Leah Wickersham-Fish
Dissertation Chair, Graduate School
Northcentral University
Presentation materials: 
Supporting Dissertation Innovation in the Age of New Media

While the dissertation as a genre has necessary formal constraints, formulaic dissertations may undermine opportunities for self-transformation that mark the kind of innovative and riskful thinking that creates new knowledge. The most worthwhile dissertations both exhibit and then challenge the genre’s conventions, especially in our Age of New Media.

Mark Gonnerman
Sofia University (Palo Alto, California)