April 23, 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Track 4: Cost and Affordability
Maggie Bailey
Vice Provost and ALO
Point Loma Nazarene University
A New Model of Institutional Affiliation and Student Success

Last year, Saybrook University became the fifth institution of higher education to join the TCS Education System, conceived in 2009 as a new model of affiliation. This talk will summarize the presenter’s observations of the benefits of the interdependence within the System in terms of institutional sustainability and student success.

Mark Schulman
Special Assistant for Strategy Initiatives
TCS Education System
Best Foot Forward

Faced with potential closure, Pacific Oaks College made the decision to preserve its unique pedagogy based on social justice, inclusion, and respect for each individual by partnering with a non-profit system of academic institutions. Through a carefully constructed partnership "framework," the College's commitment to the student academic experience continues as its priority, while its partner provides efficiency, economies, and expertise to its operational infrastructure.

Patricia Breen
Pacific Oaks College
Donald E. Packham
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
TCS Education System
The Benefit Corporation as a New Model for Higher Education

California is one of nearly 30 states to have created the benefit corporation as a hybrid between traditional not-for-profit and for-profit corporate structures.  Like non-profits, benefit corporations are publicly committed to a social mission.  Like for-profits, benefit corporations are shareholder companies that can accept investors and gain access to capital markets. California law requires that major decisions must balance the interests of customers (students), employees, the community, and the environment as well as shareholders.  There are strict, legally enforceable accountability requirements to assure that the public purposes are met.  Alliant International University is the first WSCUC-accredited university to adopt the benefit corporation structure, and the first not-for-profit university in the United States to make this change.  This presentation will discuss the process Alliant went through to evaluate and come to this decision, and the new governance structure that has been created.

Geoffrey M. Cox
Alliant International University
Jonathan S. Storper
Hanson and Bridgett